What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home?

When it comes to home renovations it can be difficult to pin point exactly what you want. Often times customers know what they like and don’t like, but not sure what they think would look good within their home. Flooring for example is a huge decision, as it will generally last for years. So picking the best flooring for the situation is important. Depending on the room, the traffic through the room, as well as other possible factors, the flooring options can be narrowed down. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hardwood is one of the most popular options. Hardwood comes in a variety of options and customization. While the most popular wood used is oak, which can be generally affordable, there are other options for different price ranges. There are different types of hardwood as well, while plank is most common. There are parquet floors, which are mosaic style geometric wood pieces. Hardwood flooring is generally easy to clean up spills when compared to carpets. While it won’t stain, hardwood flooring can be scratched by furniture, and after a while can begin to show wear more visually than other options. The price is also generally more expensive than other options, but the look is appealing to many people.

Laminate flooring is another option. Laminate has some upsides, it is much cheaper than hardwood, but still can have the look of it. Laminate flooring also can imitate ceramic tile and stone. Laminate flooring does have its downsides however. Although the cost is low, the flooring doesn’t quite have the same feel or sound when walking on it compared to hardwood. Also laminate flooring can suffer from moisture damage. So this isn’t the right option in bathrooms, or other rooms you can expect the flooring to get wet regularly. Even in the kitchen laminate flooring can cause problems. Just be aware of any spills and you should be fine. Overall laminate is solid, cheaper option, but still retain the aesthetic.

Carpet is another one of the more popular choices. Due to the wide variety of looks, and textures make for a good choice in living rooms, and even bedrooms. Carpet however is also susceptible to moisture, and isn’t good for bathrooms, or kitchens. Most carpet flooring installation allentown pa is relatively inexpensive. When it comes to picking the flooring know that lighter colored carpets stain much easier. The durability of carpets also play a role when picking. If a carpet is expected to be in a heavy traffic area of the house, or you expect having children play on the carpet take that into consideration. Some carpets come stain resistant. There are also different fibers that make up the carpets. All having different feels, and benefits when compared to one another.

Flooring can be a stressful decision. Regardless of if you are trying to sell the home, or just update the flooring for personal use. When considering the flooring, take into account what will go on in that room. Also consider the paint color, furniture in the room, and any accent pieces that can go with the flooring.